"Working for Detroit's Youth" -  "Believing, Achieving, and Succeeding"

ACTS list of Core Values
The following list of core values represent our guiding principles that direct our efforts as we manage the organization and deliver program services to target groups.
  1. We believe that every child deserves an opportunity for a quality education.
  2. We believe that all youth deserve to function in a safe environment.
  3. We believe that human significance is attained through providing service to others.
  4. We believe youth should have a chance to fulfill leadership roles.
  5. We believe youth should have a chance to positively affect the world in which they live.
  6. We believe youth should have the opportunity to explore future vocational opportunities.
  7. We believe youth should have a variety of choice of programming.
  8. We believe that we should help train up a child in the way they should go.
  9. We believe in providing activities that will benefit youth, parents and the community.
  10. We believe in providing a nurturing environment to promote academic excellence.
  11. We believe in the holistic approach for youth development to engage the mind, body and spirit.
  12. We believe in promoting a collaborative environment to produce positive change in the community.
  13. We believe in developing good moral values that help build character and promote healthy relationships.